12-day Everest Base Camp, Nepal Trek: 

Multiple Trips Available in 2019

Hike to the doorstep of the world’s highest mountain, which is arguably the highlight of any  journey to Mt. Everest, trekking in Nepal.  This Everest Base Camp trek takes even the most  novice climber on a strenuous but friendly exploration of Nepal’s magical Khumbu region,  allowing for close-up views of dozens of Himalayan Giants without the dangers and technical  requirements of an actual summit.  Sleeping mainly in tea houses along the path, ease into the  vibrant Sherpa culture, pose alongside friendly herds of yaks, breathe in the spring aromas of  hedgerows and Rhododendrons bursting to life, and run your fingertips through the rush of  glacial water as you approach that most illustrious of giants, Mt. Everest.