8-day Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Lemosho Route Trek: 

Multiple Trips Available in 2019

Journey to the roof top of Africa along the Lemosho route. With fewer than 10 percent of climbers on this trail and the potential to see a variety of wildlife  through dense jungle, Lemosho is our favorite way to enter the mountain. At 72 km (almost  45 miles), the longer route allows for more thorough acclimatization and a higher success rate  to the summit. The trail passes through five ecosystems,  from dense forest and heather up  through alpine desert and the glorious summit. 
Explore the many variations in landscape and climate on the way up the mountain and spend  time capturing breath-taking photos of your surroundings as you move from jungle, to high  desert, to snowy terrain on one of the more exciting routes on  the mountain, but still  manageable by the average adventurer.